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Steve Raasch, the firm’s President and Director of Healthcare Planning, has put in place a commitment to a process that ensures patient input and customer feedback in every step of the design process.

As an example, they used this process to forge an integrated facility for both the Froedtert Hospital Birth Center and the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Many first-of-a-kind innovations were developed and employed, all with a focus on improving patients’ lives. They came up with a shared vision that resulted in an outstanding design and architectural accomplishment across 120,000 square feet on six different floor plates. That design resulted in their winning a 2017 Center for Healthcare Design showcase award. Just a visit to their corporate offices in Milwaukee is a real treat showing how they have even changed the paradigm of what an architectural office should look like in a historic facility.

As a result they are cutting edge when it comes to architectural innovation studying. Embedding design thinking into the culture of innovation is now crucial to success in the world of product or service innovation.

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