For Immediate Release

February 17, 2022

Person of Contact: Patrick Snyder, Executive Director


Phone: (414)-973-2334


BizStarts Announces Implementation of Latino Initiative on Milwaukee’s South Side

MILWAUKEE (February, 2022) – BizStarts is excited to announce the expansion of their successful business education program, the BizStarts Institute, this fall on Milwaukee’s south side to serve the Latino Community.

Based on the success of the program at St. Ann’s Center for Intergenerational Care with Milwaukee’s Black Community, leaders of the Latino Community have requested that BizStarts run the program on Milwaukee’s south side for Spanish Speaking entrepreneurs. BizStarts has partnered with community leaders Nelson Soler (Multicultural Entrepreneurial Institute and President of the Latino Chamber of Commerce) and Maria Watts (WHEDA and BizStarts Board member) to create a bilingual program and curriculum. The BizStarts Institute will be held on Milwaukee’s south side every Saturday between Sept. 18 and Oct. 22 and will be provided in Spanish. Once the program attendees complete the 6-week class they will be paired with mentors and student consultants to assist them in implementing what they learned during the program.

“This initiative will bring internationally renowned training to our community. I am honored to be part of this initiative and proud that Bizstarts is ensuring that the training is culturally and linguistically relevant for our thriving Latino community” said Nelson Soler.

BizStarts has been planning to expand their programming to South Milwaukee since last July. In preparation they have met with leaders in the community to develop curriculum based on the varying needs of the Latino community. The mentors, student consultants and coaches will all be bilingual to accommodate anyone who would like to participate. The September programming will be a pilot program and with success, BizStarts hopes to expand to assist more business owners in the Milwaukee community.

“With this initiative, BizStarts becomes the only organization in Milwaukee that is totally focused on creating entrepreneurs-of-color by providing the knowledge they need to start and scale small businesses. I hope this gives the greater Milwaukee community the confidence to purchase exponentially more goods and services from these small businesses”, says Frank Cumberbatch, Bizstarts Board Chairperson and Vice President for Engagement at Bader Philanthropies.


“BizStarts has been a tremendous resource for our local entrepreneurs as we work together to build an ecosystem of greater economic opportunity in Milwaukee,” said Maria Watts, Community and Economic Development Officer for WHEDA. “I look forward to working with our community partners to create a bilingual BizStarts Institute to help our Latino business community grow and thrive.”




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