George Mosher Entrepreneur Scholarship Fund

George Mosher was a successful entrepreneur who started a company called National Business Furniture and grew it to a nationally famous company.

After selling it, he donated his time, money and considerable talent to helping other aspiring entrepreneurs to start their companies. He went a step futher by investing in over 200 start ups.

He was the single greatest and most generous individual angel investor in the State of Wisconsin.

To ensure that George’s legacy lives on a Scholarship Fund has been created to cover the costs of qualifying entrepreneurs to quality coaching, mentoring and connections to resoures they need to succeed in growing their companies.

The funds are not give aways but awarded to only those who have proven they have the drive and talent to start a new company. The donations to this fund are tax deductible as BizStarts is a 502c (3) qualifying charity.

Please send your check to:
BizStarts 1555 N. River Center Drive Suite 210
Milwaukee, WI 53212
Attn: George Mosher Scholarship Fund

You can also add your own reason for giving in George’s honor by writing your message in the space below so other can read how George inspired you to make this gift.

George Mosher was an entrepreneur

George Mosher was an entrepreneur who not only started and grew his own business, but took great pleasure in providing others with the resources to do the same. He recognized that a truly successful business can only be led by a person who is inquisitive, thoughtful and sets a personal example of integrity and respectfulness.

Steve Einhorn
Capital Midwest


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