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Here you will find descriptions for each of the BizStarts business coaches.

Rossi Manka
Rossi Manka

People that know her, say that she is an encourager through life-giving words that lifts them out of whatever negative emotion or situation they are in.
Furthermore, she holds an Associate’s of Science in Civil Engineer Technology and a Bachelors in Construction Management & Trades.
She then took her career and education a step further by becoming a local business owner & founder of Journey2Alignment Coaching Services and graduated from UWM Ext. and Defy Ventures Entrepreneurial program.
Where she not only coaches, mentors, and runs health and wellness clubs, but has also spent her time coaching entrepreneurs at RYOC and Ellsworth Correctional Facility, and is certified to mentor re-entry women through EXPO.
Her skills in technology have also become a great asset to the community where she has worked with GIS, QGIS, AUTOCAD, Effective Website Designs, and more.
Lastly, she is a former Civil Engineering Aide and Resident Inspector for the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District that ensured compliance with
Capital and Operation & Maintenance contracts.

Thaime Nañez
Thaime Nañez

Thaime is a Venezuelan native who moved to Milwaukee 18 years ago.
She is the co-owner of The Farmhouse Paint Bar, an award-winning studio, and Chuchos Red Tacos, the #1 Birriera en Milwaukee.
She is also a business consultant and the creator of The Sales to Profit System.
Today, The Farmhouse Paint Bar has become a staple in the community by providing unique art and cultural experiences for patrons, families, and private organizations.
On the other hand, Chuchos Red Tacos transports its visitor to paradise by providing the most delicious birria tacos in Wisconsin.
While The Sales to Profit System helps independent entrepreneurs organize their business finances and grow profits so they move from being self-employed to being a business owner.
She is the Wisconsin 2020 SBA Small Business Person of The Year. The first Latina to receive this recognition in Wisconsin.
Aside from running her businesses, Thaime is the first bilingual business coach at Bizstart Wisconsin and teaches business finances at Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative.
Thaime loves painting, dancing, and CrossFit. She highly values family, education, and community building. She dreams of scaling her business to new heights and educating more entrepreneurs on business finances.

Brent Halfwassen
Brent Halfwassen

Brent, MKE’s Small Business Coach, works with small business owners and entrepreneurs to transform their hard work into hard cash so they can stop spinning their wheels and get impact from their effort.  By blending empathy, insight, and a dose of humor into his unique focus on financial fitness, operational overhaul, and selling your story, small businesses owners and entrepreneurs get the confidence, comfort, and capability to do their amazing skill, trade, or craft while reaching their financial and personal goals.
Brent has experience launching 4 different businesses along with years of corporate and non-profit experience. Since launching his coaching business 6 years ago, Brent is a frequent small business speaker, presenter, and trainer. He has coached over 600 small businesses toward their vision of success. Brent Halfwassen, a Chartered Financial Analyst, is the owner of MKE’s Small Business Coach and the host of the #EntrepreneurEncounters Podcast.”

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