Reinvest Some Time And Energy Into Spring-Cleaning For Your Business

Spring is officially here and with it have come some increasingly uncertain times. Everyone’s top priority should be staying home, staying safe and staying healthy. In addition to all of the handwashing and sanitizing, I am sure many of you are taking advantage of the home quarantine to take care of long-needed projects. Now might also be an opportunity to reinvest some time and energy into spring-cleaning for your business as well.


Where to start? Here are a couple of ideas.


  1. Clean up your books.

Has tax season been a real pain this year? If the process of cleaning up and consolidating your books is causing you sleepless nights and pulling your attention away from running your business, it is probably time to streamline your bookkeeping and accounting processes.


  1. Get a handle on your inventory.

Just as spring is a great time for you to finally take on that house project or landscaping cleanup effort, so too can business owners with their inventory. Set aside the time to examine what’s on hand and what should be cleared out. Also, it’s a great opportunity to review your vendors and products to see if it’s time for a change.


  1. Upgrade your technology.

With so many teams being remote, this is an excellent opportunity to explore new collaboration tools, many of which are free. From Microsoft Teams to Google Hangouts, take this chance to enhance the way you interact with your colleagues, clients and vendors. Also, If your budget allows for it, it could be a great time to upgrade your POS, replace that old iPad kiosk, or swap out your antiquated financial management software – all ways to make your business more efficient.


  1. Throw out some of those daily tasks.

Is managing your day-to-day administrative tasks consuming too much of your time? Would you love to get rid of the time-consuming finance and accounting minutiae? Outsourcing these activities to the right partner can be cost effective, reduce your personal time investment and reduce your exposure to risk, all while giving you great insight into your business’s finances and operations.


Despite all of the uncertainty, these steps can be very important in maintaining the health of your business. For more information or an assessment of your business needs, please visit us at or contact Andrew Strozinsky at For TAG™, is our area of expertise and you can rely on us to answer any questions you might have about what’s next.

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