Developing Materials that Articulate Your Value to Decision Makers

In this blog we will address how to solve one of your biggest sales challenges: developing materials that articulate your value to decision makers.

Understanding the value of your solution

To articulate your value to a prospect you first have to understand the value of your solution – through the eyes of a customer. This can’t be a guess. In the age of the internet, most people don’t even make a restaurant choice without first checking what customers have said and how the restaurants rank. Just like with a restaurant, it is imperative to have customers who provide metrics, business problems you’ve solved and value you have created. This step is crucial if you want to earn the right to speak with a decision maker.

Developing materials that articulate your value to decision makers

The first step is to select a couple of your best customers. Next, identify the person in your company who has a meaningful relationship with each customer. Then, compose a list of questions in preparation for each customer interview. It’s best to have an idea of the reasons you believe the customer continues to buy so you have a well thought out plan for your call. After that, write up the results into story form so they can be reused with prospects in live sales situations. Ideally, if you sell most often to the CFO, it is a lot easier for a CFO to believe a fellow CFO, rather than your salesperson….so interview your customers’ CFOs.

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Jeff Koser

Founder & CEO, Zebrafi

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With more than 30 years of experience in sales, operations and marketing, Jeff founded Zebrafi to help organizations target the right customer. He identified an opportunity for software to help organizations deliver a go to market strategy based on pursuing the perfect prospect.