Marketing Tips to Gain Immediate Traction in Your Business (No Matter What Stage)

Marketing is the number one question I get asked about at BizStarts. Everything from digital marketing strategies and lead generation to speaking engagements and branding. There are many moving pieces to creating a strong marketing strategy. But when starting out, simplicity, focus, and consistency are imperative.

Here are 2 marketing tips to you can use immediately to gain traction in your business:

1. Take your email marketing to the next level.

Most entrepreneurs I talk to think email is dead. I can assure you, it’s not.

Why? Excellent question. Using social media platforms or marketing influencers are exceptional marketing tactics. The main problem is, as the business owner you don’t actually “own” the list of contacts/emails. And with online sales, the money is in the list size.

With your email marketing platform, you own the list. It’s your biggest business asset (especially if your business is 100% online). Having regular email contact with your potential clients allows for connection, trust building, and therefore – increased sales.

If you don’t have an email marketing platform, invest in one today. And, if you already have one, work to create consistency and frequency (ideal is 1x week). After you have a strategic content calendar and are sending out weekly emails, then start diving into the analytics to enhance your conversions.

2. Start initiating in-person conversations.

As much as marketing trends for 2019 showcase more technology use such as videos and enhanced tech like voice searches and AI, there is really nothing that can compete with real life, in-person conversations.

In fact, the word that is changing marketing today is “connection”. And speaking from experience, the fastest way you’re going to hone your “elevator pitch” and unique positioning is by getting out of your house and talking to real people.

Explain what you do, no matter how much you stumble. Watch their reaction. Listen to their questions. Ask them more questions.

The faster you can expand in-person conversations from friends to potential customers and networking events the faster you’re going to hone your marketing message. Plus, you’re gaining valuable contacts to re-engage strategically as your business develops.

The entrepreneurial journey can be tough sometimes wearing so many hats at once. I get it. Just remember, there is no need to go it alone. I guarantee BizStarts can help create a marketing strategy unique to you and your business that will support your business growth no matter what stage of business you are at!

Lisa Sarnowski

Entrepreneur Coach, BizStarts


Lisa Sarnowski’s passion and 9+ years of experience coaching entrepreneurs make her a great match for helping local entrepreneurs launch and grow their businesses.