The BizStarts Entrepreneur Hall Of Fame Inductees

The BizStarts Entrepreneur Hall Of Fame Hall of Fames have been created throughout the nation to honor our fellow Americans who have achieved greatness. But, just as importantly, the inductees to those Hall of Fame become role models for others aspiring to greatness in their professional endeavors.

The purpose of establishing the Entrepreneur Hall of Fame is also to recognize the outstanding achievements of entrepreneurs who dared to start a company, endured the risks and the headwinds that attend any new adventure, and succeeded.

In the process, they create jobs for their fellow citizens, giving them a chance to work in the new endeavor, create wealth for themselves and their families and take satisfaction by contributing their talents to that new organization.

Each inductee, whether the original founder or the company itself, was launched by brave entrepreneurs who took the personal risk to start a company in Wisconsin. To be recognized, it has to have grown to more than $20 million in annual revenue and created hundreds if not thousands of jobs for our fellow citizens.

This Virtual Hall Of Fame allows everyone to learn who they are and possibly read in depth about their accomplishments.

Louis P. Gentine

Louis P. Gentine


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